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Thursday, 30 July 2015
 Personal Message from Francis Ruggiero
There is a difference between the profession of the law and the business of law. Good law firms recognise the difference and balance these two concepts in the manner they conduct their practice.

The first is the ethical responsibility that every lawyer has to the courts, their clients, and the community and to themselves. This underpins the admission of lawyers to practice law in their region and their ability to continue being a lawyer with good repute and respect in the community.

The second deals with the carrying on business as a lawyer, which requires expert skills, up to date knowledge and efficient business practices to enable the quick completion of matters for every client and ultimately to provide a return to every stakeholder in the practice. It requires the business owners to ensure profits, growth, and sustainability.

Many law firms and lawyers have not prepared themselves for the internationalisation of trade in services resulting from the various free trade agreements. They have not seen the liberalisation of trade in services as a threat or potential competition, which would require a re-think of their corporate strategy.

Now, we are experiencing the influx of very large overseas law firms in Australia in association with existing Australian large law firms. This may suit some multi-national or large corporates but will not be suitable for others. Other firms either who do not have the resources or who have been ill prepared for these modern changes may adapt by increasing fees, whilst others may not recognise this threat and take no action at all.

Recognising these threats, as early as, the mid 90’s, it became necessary to set up a different plan and differentiate ourselves from other similar law firms, if we were to be competitive and avoid the overseas threats. We embarked on establishing a smaller practice on the overseas market by way of utilising our existing clients and markets, assistance from the Australian Government and perseverance.

In addition, given our smaller size, we took the time to evaluate several international networks that could be appropriate for our clients and provide international resources before selecting the best network. Because of this strategy, Behan Legal has been enjoying a good flow of work from overseas and at the same time being able to provide services for Australian clients requiring assistance overseas. Likewise, the plan required personal attention by each lawyer in the selective areas of practice resulting in Behan Legal focusing on the three core areas of knowledge-“Business-Corporate-International.”

I hope you can benefit from some of the material set out in our website.

Francis Ruggiero
Principal Lawyer
Accreditated Business Law Specialist
 Behan Legal Corporate Message & History


Behan Legal is a commercial law firm that deals with the knowledge areas of legal, financial, risk, finance, property, and corporate services. Behan Legal is part of global networks of lawyers and advisors that provides legal advisory services both to clients in Australia and internationally.
Its clients have access to these international services when they need to consider such issues as cross border transactions, business migration, or international contracts.
Business Corporate International
Behan Legal has advanced in the business, corporate and international community by embracing modern business practices, best practices, and creative thinking. This approach allows its capable team to focus on relevant legal and non-legal advisory services, client satisfaction, and responsibility.
“…Behan Legal recognises the need for its international clients to communicate efficiently, and without any delay due to distance and global time differences; at the same time maximising the same benefits to its clients based in Australia.”
Francis Ruggiero -Principal Lawyer and Accredited Specialist in Business Law
This philosophy underpins Behan Legal’s commitment to provide further benefits to clients. The firm gives its international clients, or its Australian clientele dealing with international issues or transactions 24-hour personal direct access to nominated personnel. This will assist clients in dealing with the complexity of issues in matters that can include business migration, taxation, or trade because being a smaller law firm, allows it to focus on specific areas, and maintain personal relationships with clients.
Community Services
As part of giving back to the wider community, Behan Legal promotes active involvement and assistance in community and educational organisations.
Legal & Advisory Services
        Protecting Assets
        Business & Corporate
        Employment & Human Rights
        International Business & Trade
        Resolving Disputes & Litigation
        Client Wealth Services
        Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts
        Property & Commercial Contracts
        Commercial Leasing
        Trademarks & Trademark Enforcement
        Intellectual Property Licensing
Behan Legal adopts this Charter to show how it provides services to clients and deals with its stakeholders. Although these values always underpin relationships, Behan Legal believes that to differentiate with others, it is better to state these values in writing.
Prime Directive
Behan Legal will deliver quality services and solutions at a reasonable commercial value, and will do so with integrity and accountability.
      Acting with honesty and integrity
      Recognising that each member is the key to successful relationships
      Believing in what they do
      Dealing with clients openly, truthfully and conscientiously
Core Values
        Giving quality services and solutions
        Demonstrating commitment to quality and excellence
        Encouraging learning and innovation
        Showing respect for everyone
        Developing long-term partnerships
        Promoting and expecting trust, respect, and reliability
        Working as a team, based on one set of rules
        Ethical conduct is the way it establishes respect, earns trust, demonstrates professionalism, and defines the character of its business.
        Personnel can take a leadership role in ethical decision-making.
        Behan Legal’s business ethics reflect the standard in this Charter-a standard governing all its relationships.
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